Water as Medicine

Dr. Wallace J Nichols, who wrote the Foreword for our upcoming book, OUR BASIN OF RELATIONS, The Art and Science of Living with Water, often refers to water as medicine. He has a way of reaching people with his message on the positive impact of being on, in, under or near clean water. He has reached millions with his book BLUE MIND, and blue marbles as a gratitude reminder of our earth, and us, as primarily water.

It’s maybe obvious, but drinking clean water can not be taken for granted - it’s life sustaining and not limitless. I was medically treated for dehydration twice - a water solution was the remedy. When I came away from stroke convalescence the professionals suggested I drink a glass of water every waking hour. When I had a kidney stone, water was suggested to prevent more stones.

And, water isn’t always treated so well, mostly inadvertently. I have learned a lot about what I can do to help, from the many people crossing my path while working on OUR BASIN OF RELATIONS. I wish you grow an appreciation of clean water from the many points of view in OUR BASIN OF RELATIONS, and enjoy my accompanying water images and words.

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Thank you,

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