What do my free downloadable book, ADVOCATE PLANNING, To Do What You Love To Do, my love of photography, and my passion for connecting with you regarding a principles-based priorities planning life focus of Self-realizing, Connecting, and Giving, have to do with each other?

  Living a Love of self and love of others life by: Learning, Serving, Mentoring, Exploring, Relating, Playing, Protecting, Contributing and Transferring. 

My take on the Love Priorities is what this site is all about. 



Photography: Favorites

Walden pond

Walden pond

Capturing beautiful fleeting natural light, fixating the eyes of viewers, is exhilarating to me. I wish to do it more and more, better and better. The photos here are among my favorites, shown chronologically to mark learning.

Book: Advocate Planning

ADVOCATE PLANNING is all about your process of principles-based priorities planning and how you manage your resources to do what you love to do; in essence, your passions.  

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Blog: The Love Priorities

Patty Rosebud

Patty Rosebud

I  advocate for the Love Priorities: Self-Realizing, Connecting and Giving. I am not magnanimous. I do, however realize that "it is in giving we receive". The process of creating whatever follows is for you for me; for love of others and for love of self.