After more than forty years as a life-wealth planning practitioner, I am convinced that the Love priorities of Self-realizing, Connecting and Giving are primary principles in living our unique purpose and passions.

I have a passion for nature photography. I want to share with you my search for capturing a photo-of-a-lifetime that, when enlarged and hung on the wall, strikes all who view, with a feeling of wonder in beauty that is seeded in our God given world. In the process, I hope to demonstrate living my unique love priorities.

Life boils down to love and passion. The purpose of this site is giving what I am able to give to you, to help me self-realize, connect and give. I do believe in Francis of Assisi's words in the simple prayer "It is in giving that we receive."  

Who I am, and what i have learned  about Self-realizing, Connecting and Giving is available to you as a free download PDF under BOOK and will be contemporaneously addressed in my BLOG.