The Wonder of Water

We are finally there - Our CLEAN WATER ADVOCATES coffee table book, OUR BASIN OF RELATIONS, The Art and Science of Living with Water, is off to the publisher, Green writers Press, for final layout and design, and production of short run Contributors Edition!

Trevien Stanger, an environmental writer, poet, educator and curator of the book’s many varied interesting water articles, has taken the lead role in producing an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to produce a long run that will be distributed to the general public - regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Even though OUR BASIN revolves around Lake Champlain and it’s many mountain tributaries ie. our basin of relations, it could be anywhere - your basin of relations.

We expect the retail value of OUR BASIN to be $40. We are asking for contributions starting at $100 to receive a copy of the Contributors Edition. See for a list of all the contributors perks, and to make your contribution today.

Contributions are tax deductible for amounts above the retail value of books received. CLEAN WATER ADVOCATES, INC. is a 501(c) non-profit organization. All contributions will be used for the inspirationally educating book or clean water projects. The officers and employees of CLEAN WATER ADVOCATES, INC. are not paid. All articles and images are in-kind contributions by clean water advocates.

Mike and four of Lake Champlain series images, printed and framed large