It’s our anniversary - August 25th, 1967 was the original day - Our Lady of Grace, Lafayette Club, Radisson Hotel, followed by Mackinac Island, and family Balsam Lake cabin - first made meal - pizza in a box - an awakening!

Dreams. Dreams fulfilled.

Still dreaming - differently though. Looking more to the present. Love in the now is where it’s at - SMELL THE ROSES says it well (order at

Emmett wakes us at 9am. He helps with the major task of raising the shades. Then… A few drawers open to fill an imaginary food cart - the office chair. Soon that ends. A 750 piece puzzle appears for Bama to help with - the pile of pieces remain. I don’t help with the time sucking task - do you blame me?

I’m more interested in our (my) Sunday routine of CBD infused honey and lemon in chamomile tea and Sunday Morning Show on CBS - watching while taking a spin on the stationary bike. A good feel show and a little aerobic high.

The hike - Early afternoon Patty and I saunter through three of the four loops of trails on our seventeen acres. I love the natural beauty, developing walnut trees, wild flowers and saunter together on perfect day. An especially long walk this special day, probably because we stopped to pick wild flowers for our table, in celebration.

Saunter is a good word for our walk - me letting my light headiness run and Patty with perspective affect from Alzheimer's. - like a hike, for us, on a more rugged path in the Green Mountains. I love it!

Wild flowers from a walk in our park

Later - We enjoyed our traditional diner of Caesar Salad, steak and fish, with Michael, Jessica, Avi, Emmett, and Olive. Chaotic - Patty and Emmett spun the romaine dry, as it mysteriously shrunk to less than needed, Marsett (Home care person) made gluten croutons that I included in the salad, expecting only gluten free experience for Avi - Avi was appreciative that I bought gluten free french bread, though. Olive cries for milk from mom. Too little food for the seven of us, so hot dogs came out to “Hara hachi bu”. I wouldn’t trade the time for a quit five-star meal with Patty, alone, at my favorite place, Nick’s Fish Market.

A toast to our anniversary - What anniversary?

I had learned earlier in the day that mentioning that it was our anniversary touched a cord with Patty, summoning a kiss or happy anniversary, with a moment of memory - long term of course. I used the strategy a number of times during the day - a successful connecting strategy, at least for the moment.

A perfect day. Connecting. Loving, imperfectly.

Fifty two years. Inn at Shelburne Farms