A Digital Deal - The best way to view Richard's trilogy of self-revealing poems

Three books - I CONFESS, COURAGE AT THREE AM, AND SMELL THE ROSES, contain nearly 150 self-revealing poems by my brother Richard. The poems, drafted between age 80 and death at age 85, are telling of the impact on Richard as a world renown sexually abused advocate, and being the fourth child of the Walter and Betty Sipe family.

I am honored to finish SMELL THE ROSES, in Richard’s absence, adding more Sipe family insight (I am the 8th of 10 children in the Walter and Betty Sipe family) and, more importantly, commentary about the value of the courage to care which Richard exemplified so well. I learn from Richard. We both - believers in the Love Priorities.

Richard noticed my horizon photography and asked me to supply twenty four horizon images for the book. He encouraged me to reflect, as in a memoir, with my captions. He trusted me to finish his trilogy. I am his relief pitcher for the book, and I think he knew it was needed.

Eulogies by Richard’s son Walter, Thomas Doyle, Jeff Anderson, and Reverend Homily by Edward Lambros reprinted in SMELL THE ROSES, clearly express Richard’s courage to care!

It is nice to have hard cover books for the personal library (I have over 100 photo art books) but the best way to buy Richard’s trilogy of books is digitally. I say this partially because the best resolution of my images is with the digital format. Other advantages are: cost is only $3 a book, you can change the font size, mobility, accessibility, immediate delivery, even book marking. order at www.frisenpress.com.

In any case I believe Richard is a model for self-realizing and Reaching the Sky.

Richard Reach the Sky