Clean Water Action

I have taken clean water for granted! Growing up on lakes in Minnesota, using, wasting, free, clean water in the land of plenty seemed natural. I don’t feel guilty, but embarrassed. I know better now. Clean water is not limitless - rationed in areas not as fortunate as Minnesota. Toxic reservoirs from excess phosphorus use are aplenty. And free no more - Water is as expensive as a latte, at airports. City water bills are increasing. Without a change in the trend, I wonder what’s up for our water future?

What little I do to help will not change the trend. I am always impressed, though, by the power of the masses, when we unite to solve a problem. The little bit each plays, with a united front, solves big problems. Clean water issues are rising and catching the attention of many - it’s encouraging.

I am grateful for clean water - I depend on clean water….. for drinking, cleaning, fresh fish, cooking, sailing, skiing, swimming, photographing.… beauty. Water is medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

Good Night My Love

Join me as a Clean Water Advocate. For $100 ($60 tax deduction), receive a Contributors Edition of OUR BASIN OF RELATIONS. Be inspired by more than fifteen water conservation minded people and enjoy my water images (high quality coffee table book) and thoughts. All proceeds will be used to spread the word regarding clean water and for clean water projects. We are shooting for delivery of Contributors Edition by the end of the year. Checks can be mailed to Clean Water Advocates, Inc., 60 Wolf Lane, Richmond, VT., 05477.

Thank you.