Pine Tarring New Home!

Pine tar is sticky stuff, produced by high temperature carbonization of pine. When pine tar is mixed with some turpentine and linseed oil it makes a cool (actually warmed when applied) stain. The Scandinavians have used the application of the material to weather-proof wood for hundred's of years. Who wood have thought? 

This is what you get into when you build a multi-generational home - new ideas from the younger generation. I'm open to new ideas - after all, learning is one of my proclaimed Self-realizing activities I speak of with the Love Priorities! A little risk taking is necessary, I guess, in applying new ideas to get fun and beneficial results.

Black stained house though - not in Patty and my, many home, tradition. I am a bit anxious to see the boards up on the house. I am enjoying the process - being part of the making of our place in the woods is very special. We'll be one with the woods on wolf lane. We'll leave the lights on, so you will be able to find us, while we blend in with nature. I love it.

You can see images of the Pine Tar Project at pinetarsidingproject. Seeing the grain show thru the  stain looks natural and finished. Perfectly imperfect is the result I am looking for.