Vermont Roadway

Some of my favorite images are drive-by, peripheral views, that catch my conscious and result in me braking and backing up. Such is the case with Vermont Roadway. I love it.

Vermont Roadway PhaseOne IQ 180 35mm 1/3 sec f11 ISO 35

My ongoing objective is always -  capturing a photo-of-a-lifetime that, when enlarged and hung on the wall, strikes all who view, with a feeling of wonder in beauty that is seeded in our God given world. Vermont Roadway has that feel for me... at this moment.

I say 'at this moment' because I don't know how I will feel in the future. Does Vermont Roadway have staying power? I think so, but frequently, images lose my interest over time. That is why I wait until next year to pick my favorites from the previous year.

I list my favorites each year  at to see style refinement and, what I consider, learning. I am learning. Theoretically, my last image should be my best image. I know it doesn't work that way - all the talent in the world, that I may obtain, is not going to order the beauty that will be gifted me.  Soon I will refine my yearly favorites - after all, I know not the gifts that follow.