My Favorite Photos of 2016

 Thanks to my photography mentors, Shannon Kalahan and David Pasillas, I explored, experimented  and expanded my photography abilities in 2016. I feel I actually captured - less is more, rather than just giving the concept lip service.

Serenity Canon EOS IDS Mark III 90mm T/S 1/640 f11 ISO 100

Mediterranean Blue Canon EOS IDS Mark III 400mm 1/200 f7.1 ISO 100

I chose Serenity as the image of the year, with Mediterranean Blue on the favorite list of 16, all of which you can view at

I also was able to build on my painterly tendencies with Impressions from Topaz. I feel I am finding my photographic self, and it feels good.

Maine Roadway Hasselblad Stellar 10.4mm 1/250 sec f5.6 ISO 125

Thanks to BCA (Burlington Community Arts), Art Works frame shop and gallery, and, representing my images to their publics - they have been my primary distribution of large printed images (outside of friends and family) to walls in homes and businesses. My desire is to multiply representatives ten-fold. Please consider representing my images or sharing, to solicit those who you know may have such an interest. I have created a page on this web-site called  Representative's for your viewing my favorite images over the last six years and the cost for prints thereof.  My main photography web-site, is the best source for a complete viewing of my images, which is organized by my strongest interests of water and trees.

Thank you for your interest and support.