Diversity of Thought

I thought a lot about John, last month and this weekend. I loved John Rosch, my brother-in-law, Pearl Harbor survivor and great example to me -  I never heard him complain about anything or judge anyone. At his funeral service, nearly twenty years ago and again, just recently, that reality stroke me - how great it is to know someone - how they think, who they are, no matter how different they think than me, without hearing complaints or judgements. 

Accepting diversity of thought, and pressing for your favorite cause(s) is a formula for making a difference. I admire those who do that, including the many people who marched yesterday for protecting and advancing woman's rights, while still understanding our common privilege, rights and responsibilities of a strong democracy. I loved that my sister Joannie was a strong Pro-Life advocate, and often a sign carrying protester.  

River meets Lake meets Land PhaseOne IQ 180 35mm 1.3 sec f16 ISO 35

Democracy is messy. When different elements collide, who knows the results? Like nature, you, individually are not in control - the collective concern of those connected will make a difference. (albeit, there is always the uncontrollable devine element to marvel in.)

In my planning practice, I always wanted my way! I guess that is why I ended up with my own boutique practice, rather than being part of a large firm. However, somewhere along the way (Kenzie Phelps was a positive influence),  I learn a lot about the power of consensus building. I was often amazed, when open to it, that a group of divergent thoughts would come together and make a conclusion that was better than mine....or any other single thought. 

Maybe the only diversity practice policy we need in the USA is the acceptance of diversity of thought - doesn't that include race, religion, gender....et al? And wouldn't that lay a nice base for working through issues together? Now, if we could only expect Congress to come to some consensus on so many things that need to be done - That sounds a little like a complaint or judgement.......I am too human....