The Value of an Argument.

NONE, as I see it. Oh, there may be value to one or the other to be able to vent anger to a another person, but let's call that expressing anger......and I would think that the other(s) would actually be listening - a place for anger to land is likely to have some value, as the ability to get it off your chest has some value. An argument though is just people yelling at each other, sometimes simultaneously, with no interest in listening to the other side - unlike a debate, where at least you have a third party listening, where maybe, with open minds, someone learns something. When I hear people with opposing sides, yelling at each other, at the same time, I throw up, change the channel or move away...and escape with my photography..

I hate arguments, simultaneous yelling. We must think the louder we yell the more we are heard. Really? It's a turn off to me, maybe stemming from hearing my dad yell a lot. I guess that is a little different then an argument, though - you didn't dare yell back at my dad, with your disagreement, without expecting a major consequence. Yelling is the sign for me to move on....unless it is me yelling: then I want someone to say - "It's ok Mike, you are always right". 

Vase Full View PhaseOne IQ 180 120mm 3 sec f18 Photo Painting 75%

Arguing is a waste of time, making no connection, especially the louder you yell. I am not going to waste anymore  time talking about it. I am up for more and better connecting, though. 

I love to connect with my photography. I took this image a couple hours ago and it connects with me. The vase was a gift from our son Michael. I appreciate it more with this capture. It's beautiful and so are the flowers. I  don't have to go far to find beauty. Although, being able to drive, after having my stroke in June, will be a special treat, I hope to have the privilege to do in October. Here i come, my New England.