How long can you stand on one leg?

Black Crested Night Heron Canon EOS IDS Mark III 600mm 1/500 sec f16 ISO 320

I suspect not as long as the Heron above. I was surprised when I googled the subject. I am curious because I am just now finding some, post-stroke, success with standing on one leg or the other. I found that on the average, the ability to stand on one leg or the other diminishes dramatically after your fifties - It goes from about 40 seconds, with eyes open, in your fifties and below 20 seconds, on average, in your 70's. And, with your eyes closed, you can divide those numbers by 3!

Wow. I hear this diminishing result is not necessarily destiny - it is the result of sitting much more, on average, after your fifties. Maybe it is time to take up Yoga......that is, after I get through Rehab. By the way, I am shooting to get to about 20 seconds before the end of Rehab and 40 seconds with much personal challenge after formal rehab.