Acadia Fall

Birch Berries Brush PhaseOne IQ 180 120mm 1/3 sec f16 ISO 35

No, I didn't fall while at Acadia National Park in Maine last weekend - thanks to Bridget, who stayed close to my side and nurtured me over any questionable terrain. Fall, the season, was like last year - I was there at the same time of the year, for a photo workshop - not very much color. However, the color driving home through western Maine, New Hampshire and north eastern Vermont was spectacularly colorful.

River's Edge PhaseOne IQ 180 80mm 1/3 sec f16 ISO 35

Bright fall colors are nice to see, but hard to capture for lasting viewing - at least for me. I tend to like more monochromatic scenes with subtle versus vibrant colors. See, New Prints, to see a few more images I like from my first, post stroke, journey back to Acadia National Park.

It was unbelievably special to walk, see and capture natural beauty last weekend, with Bridget, Robin, Melissa and the two Light and Landscape professional mentors - Shannon and David. I got to tell you, if you like to take photos and want to learn more about photography, you need to check out Light and Landscape magazine (free digital magazine) and their member group. I was one of the founding members of the photo group; it is a new group. Being new and early on allows me to have great access to photo help, inexpensively- from basic stuff to detailed how to's with Photoshop, Lightroom and valuable plug-ins. See It's a real value for beginner hobbyists to professionals.