The Best Fall....ever!

I had a chance to photograph, thank God, a lot this October I do not remember an October more spectacular than this for photography......and I'm 70. Maybe my appreciation is heighten, having lost (and mostly regained) my ability to walk, with my June 10th stroke now in the past..

Field of Dreams PhaseOne IQ 180 120mm 1/25th f12 ISO 35 stitched and filtered

I love to walk the woods and photograph in Fall. I focused on rivers and streams of the  Champlain basin this year, knowing that is a element lacking in my images for Lake Champlain, Our Basin of Relations - a culture of clean water, a forthcoming coffee table book that environmentalist, editor and lead writer, Trevien Stanger will bring real value to. A book website has recently been launched at I have 50 of so images I have preliminarily identified for the book at at the menu - Lake Champlain Project/book fifty?

I love the image (above), Field of Dreams, It is where the family photo studio is planned.....and (just to tie it into the river thing) Johnny Brook is just beyond the trees in the foreground. Johnny brook leads to the Winooski River, which is a major tributary for Lake Champlain.