I want to share "Translucent".

Translucent PhaseOne IQ 180 35 mm 1/40 sec f22 ISO 35

I was driving home from "the land" one stormy day last week, fall colors still strong, and the sun peaked through, back-lighting the scene above, I call it Translucent. I braked, turned around, and captured the wonderful light passing through the brilliant Maples, during the five minutes the sun lit up the trees.

It's been a great fall for photography. As I mentioned in a previous post, I tend to favor more muted colors in my images,, (see new prints or trees) because they have, for me, more staying power, printed big and hung on the wall. Translucent is no exception, but it caught my attention, for now - present impact. I love it.

A week and the the leaves will be down, ready to receive the beautiful white rain.