Trust is Tricky

I had a saying with associates - Without Trust there is Nothing - Meaning mostly - why would anyone what to allow us to handle their money without total trust in us? In client surveys Trust always popped to the top as our most important attribute that attracted Clients to us. Trust is a value of character near the top of the list of values for me. 

Fair Trade. Cantania Fish Market. Trust.

The tricky part of trust is - how do you balance trust with reasonable risk, worthy of your taking, to advance your interests. One doesn't want to 'Howard Hughes it' and trust nothing, while sitting  naked in a sanitized room, with nothing but "clean x" to connect with. 

I don't want to mention names, but I am beginning to believe that politicians and the media are the antithesis of trust - saying whatever their particular listeners want to hear, or whatever is necessary to get votes/readership! I think I am changed forever.....I am only looking at collective positions on issues now. knowing that in the long-run people (collectively) will solve the obvious problems  (debt, social security, medicare, social justice, legalities....oh, so many), one way or another. I trust in people - in the long-run, like I trust that stocks will have the highest returns - in the long run. And, I believe we are all dead in the long run and, mostly, I Trust in God.

I asked Nick (the name I gave the imaged person above) if I could take his picture, while at the Catania, Sicily Fish market. I loved the face, the character. He agreed to 2 euro - a fair exchange, I thought, for the second I took to snap the image with my compact. I pulled out all the change I had in my pocket and he said I'll take it all. I said 2 euro - we agreed. He didn't kill me....maybe too many people around for the 15 or so euro I had in my hand - A reasonable risk of trust?