Ripples and Patience

All ripples matter - regardless how small each seems, seen alone, by oneself....or another. 

Ripples Canon EOS IDS Mark III 420mm 1/60 sec f14 Topaz Painterly

Together, with repetition, in the same direction, ripples chisel stone, and reshape mountains over time. Unbelievable. Wind turns ripples to waves, even hard to navigate sometimes.....but a powerful source, generating energy quicker than one imagines.

I can take this analogy in many directions that come to my mind....and you take it where ever you wish. However, it came to mind, for me, after listening to my great PT person, Jason, talk about repeating and pushing my balancing activities "thousands" of times to be able to walk well again. 

Patience is necessary...and I am focusing learning it, to help me with "things" I am facing. The WIND in my analogy is you, giving me great energy for greater impact - you - who have phoned, texted, emailed, sent cards, or have thought well wishes and encouraging sentiments.

And, I can not thank my sister Elizabeth enough, and my other siblings, who helped sponsor Elizabeth to come from Italy, for two months, to help me stand again, and do the necessary things to get around.  The movie - One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest, has not been mentioned too many times. Patience Mike - you'll get to the Champlain tributaries again, with your camera, before you know it! I love you. You are the wind behind my wings (trite, I know....but well meant)