Letting Go of Planning Passion - My Mind Set

It makes sense - letting go of what I can't control....and letting go of wishful thinking about possibilities that can't be supported by my present resources - health, wealth and time, anyway. It is going to be helpful for my healthy Mind, Body and Spirit to let-go of my Principle-based Priorities Planning (PPP) Passion. Be honest. Holding on to the possibility of starting a new chapter of my life-wealth planning profession, by influencing how professional planners relate to client priorities, after abruptly and surprisingly, being terminated from the firm I started, was a way for me to continue how I defined myself - a life-wealth planner with a great new idea - SCG, - Love of self and love of others, by Self-realizing, Connecting, and Giving.

I came to the importance of SCG, for me, late in my career - too bad - I did not have enough time to employ in practice what I  now feel is the most important part of personal financial planning. It is only fair, and right, to note, at this time, that I did sell my practice in  2008, had a great four year employee agreement through 2012, and a severance package thereafter. - I wanted three more years, though, and assumed it would be a no-brainer, with what I had to offer. I planned to retire from practice at 70 (now, in fact - I'm 70 August 8th)  - What was I thinking?  Let it go, already.  

Lake Cloud Canon EOS 1DS Mark III 420mm 125 sec f4 ISO 100 Topaz Painterly 1 75%

FFF - I referred to my passions as the 3 F's - Family, Fine-art Photography, and Financial Planning. I made a big deal out of doing passions as a primary theme of the priority planning process. I talk of passions frequently in ADVOCATE PLANNING; To Do What You Love To Do. No wonder I am having a hard time letting go. I suppose it doesn't  help, either, that I am a border-line planaholic! I frequently made my planning practice a top priority - and, accordingly, frequently was out of balance, in my life. How ironic - now at planned retirement age of 70, I am forced to work on balance, to walk again, and do freely my remaining, Family and Fine-Art Photography, passions,  Re-group Mike.. let go.

I pray to God, that I have the patience and strength to be as good an advocate for Patty, as she has been for me. It is her time to have my focus. The light has clearly been on me - out of balance, most of the time, I suspect. All though, who to say what is to be for why? She nurtured me to learn about balance, even write about it, while encouraging me to do my passions, probably at the cost of her doing some of her passions. And, although I no longer have  the time and health to do all 3 F's properly (after all, I want to capture my image of a life-time), I hope I am dropping my Ffinancial Planning passion for love, for better SCG and not just because I no longer have all the resources I need to do all 3F's - It time to let go of my professional planning passion.

I would like to say that during this next, and maybe last, stage of life, I am no longer a professional financial planner, but a Lover, and a photographer of that which I love. I told someone that and they laughed. I laughed. But, I always wanted to be a good lover, and even though I am thinking a little broader than where your mind may go, I am serious. My passion is still SCG and me (no longer a profession aspect) - the words have always been there, in my mantra......"love people, the process, the positive , the pristine and my passions." May I learn, serve, mentor, explore, relate, play, protect, contribute and transfer, in my own way to be,  as well as I am able, over as many years as I am given. And....I wish for your fulfillment, in your own way to be.

I let go, herewith- There is a cloud over the water, and beyond there is sun light.