Scars -Serenity

I am being dramatic - I guess that is me now - lying in this damn hospital bed, 25 days out from a stroke that has me queazy, light-headed, and worrying about falling left with every step I take with my walker. I am not feeling sorry for myself, I am mad and know I need to act to heal my scars and to get to serenity.. 


I am going to let go of that which I have no control. I am not going to change my beliefs, I am going to change my expectations. First to go and Big for me is SCG - Self-realizing, Connecting, and Giving - What I call the Love Priorities. I decided to let go of thinking I can change the planning world, or at least my little professional planning world at my former firm, regarding the planning process with clients, to help them do what they love to do, while  making the best next life-wealth decision.

It's over. I'm retired from private practice. I no longer have ownership, control of the practice, influence on the planning process. No matter how strong I feel about the propriety of "my" planning process, I let go of expecting others to jump on board with focusing on Self-realizing -learning, serving, mentoring, Connecting- exploring, relating, playing. And - Giving -protecting, contributing, and transferring. 

My focus will be for me to SCG. Accordingly, I will continue to blog -It feels good, fulfilling -self-realizing. For now, I will continue blogging, while risking expecting others agreeing, with a deliberate effort of self-awareness, self-growth, self-sharing and serenity.


I know there are other areas of control I will benefit by letting go, For now, letting go of PPPP - Principle-based Priorities Planning Process, for everyone in the world, is all I can deal with - Let go man. It's more important presently letting go of my constipation!