Stroke of Luck ?

It has been 16 days since my stroke. I would't wish it on my worst enemy . It will be two more weeks of in-hospital rehab.....and who knows how much time after that to get back to 100%, or as the doctor says 99.9%.

In looking for an image to parallel my health issue I turned to fog, because that is how I feel - in a fog, It is clear to me now though - Without health there is nothing. - our most important resource,

I love to shoot images in the fog. The details in the scene are gone - it is easier to focus on a center of interest, ending up with an attractive image, holding attention. 

Sunries Dingle Canon EOS 1DS Mark III 70mm 1/250 sec f9 ISO 200

I feel like I am in a fog; not catching all the details, focusing on my center of interest (balance) - tying to stay upright, not falling off to the left, like the skit on Laugh-In with  the tricycle falling over to the left, after a short ride.

It was just a couple of months ago that I added the word patience to my mantra - ..... "contributing my uniqueness. Accepting the uniqueness in myself, as well as others, with out judgement, with respect, patience, and a sense of humor." Is it possible this stroke is a wake-up call, a lesson for patience? A gift to me and my family connections to be more in the present, loving each precious moment  and enjoying, loving, what is right in front of me.