Light and Landscape

I love a painterly look in a photograph. And, I love paintings that have such great detail that you wonder if it's a photograph, on first glance. Light and Landscape Member's Group helped me with some tools to add a painterly affect on my images that need a little help to get the affect that I desire.

Fayes Corner Johnnie Brook PhaseOne IQ 180 80mm 120sec f14 ISO 35 Photo Painting 1 75%

If you are interested in improving your photography and having a little fun in the process, I recommend you do a free download of Light and Landscape magazine from the Apple App store.  (I was featured in issue 12 - A Clear Focus). Secondly, join the Light and Landscape Member's Group, which you can read about from a current issue of the magazine or just google it. Contact me if you wish to talk about it. I have spent a lot of money on photo workshops over many years and the small monthly fee to join the members group has been the best buy I have ever made to learn more about photography.