Separate and Together

My heart bleeds for all the people who fought in the Military and lost their lives, or became disabled, for my and others freedom. May they be eternally honored guardian angels of peace and love. 

Separate and Together, from The Devil's Bridge, Chividale, Italy  Canon EOS IDS Mark III 90mm T/S 1/8 sec f6.3 ISO 100 Painterly 1 75%

I don't understand - We are all in this together - life on earth, that is. Right? We are each separate from the next; unique and beautiful pebbles, if you will, going with the flow and making our own way, as best we can - a cause for celebration, I would hope. Why do others want us to be like them or die? Why do we want others to be like us? How boring. Is it deeper connection we thirst for, and alikeness bestows a comfort of belonging? Maybe we should try seeing the beauty in the collective difference and know the comfort of all of us are in this together. 

I herewith affirm, this Memorial day, my mantra, part of which states: I contribute my uniqueness - I love and accept the uniqueness in myself, as well as that of others, without judgement, with respect, patience, and a sense of humor! Now only if I could get it right!