Water Worry

Water is wonderful - I love to photograph water - moving, still, in different light. My website www.mesipe.com is loaded with water images. I hate to see it polluted. It is pleasing to see water pristine.  More important then viewing the beauty of light on water is the fact that water sustains us; pure water to drink, eat fish from, and connect with others around swimming, sailing, sunning or whatever pleases our senses, while relating with the vital resource.

Burlington Bay in May 2016

Burlington Bay in May 2016

Population pollutes. It is ironic that we push the envelope of producing one resource, like grain or grass, at the cost of another; excess nutrients from the land flow swiftly in to our tributaries to our lakes. It is dangerous playing with the delicate balance of Mother Nature. 

Millions of dollars are spent each year employing professionals and engaging processes to counteract the negative impact of our advanced living habits. Is it a losing battle? Some days it seems so. What can we do in taking personal responsibility for controlling our actions that pollute?

Johnny Brook Richmond Vermont April 2016

I'll mention a few. I'm learning too. That's a good place to start - explore and learn about the problem and what you can do to control your polluting. You can plant native vegetation along shorelines and riverbanks to hold soil in place and reduce erosion. You can test your lawn and garden soil before you fertilize. You may need less than you think or none at all. When mowing, set the blade high. Use your grass clippings as mulch on your lawn. This recycles nutrients and decreases the need for watering. Redirect your gutter downspouts to the lawn, plant a rain garden, or install a rain barrel. Wash your car on the grass instead of the driveway to help prevent detergents from washing into water basins; or take your car to a carwash where the water is treated after use. 

Slow the flow of water down, When we bought our land, to build on, in Richmond, Vermont, a year ago, I hated the fact that we had two holding ponds at the bottom of the hill, and a new storm sewer, close to the building site. After learning about the benefit of slowing the flow of water, to capture nutrients in the soil, before entering rivers and lakes, I thought, great - we are helping control the flow of nutrients to our valuable water basins. I love the fact that I am now participating in cleaning up the water....or at least not making it worse.