I have been developing website with Ronn and Sam at Thelen, the idea people, out of St. Cloud, Minnesota, for some time now, and I am ready to connect with as many people as possible, starting with this launching blog. 

The purpose of site is to connect with everyone interested in doing their passions; loving themselves, others, and most everything one does. And secondly, to explore, relate and play with my passion for photography. 

In ADVOCATE PLANNING: To Do What You Love To Do (Get your free download by clicking here) I write about Exploring, Relating and Playing as Connecting planning value activities. I believe that if something is a high enough priority, a passion if you will, you will do it and it will contribute to your success - the realization of your unique good. 

I have loved photography for forty years and over that time I just dabbled with exploring it, relating with it and playing at it, while I evolved my passion for planning. It is not uncommon for one passion to fall away to the benefits derived from living out another passion - There is only so much time, and balance is an ongoing challenge requiring some prioritization.  

As I ended my practictioner planning career I realized how living my passion for photography and dealing with the related priority planning therefor connected to the most important part of financial planning - values-based priorities planning. I don't have to give up my planning passion! I can live it and write about it. I may have to give my planning ideas away without charge. That's good. I was well rewarded in my career and I get much pleasure in giving out my planning opinions. This is my time to flip flop the time I spend on planning with the time I spend on my other two passions -  family and photography.  

Without connecting with people there is less likelihood of fulfillment from learning, serving, mentoring, contributing and transferring. I connect with myself more these days. That is a natural part of life during retirement from being a planning practitioner, I suppose. The benefit is I get to know myself better and I get a lot of agreement with my opinions. That being said I wish to connect with as many people as possible with this site. Will you help me by spreading the word? My connections are few, but my desire to connect with all is great. Please pass on this blog, book and best of my photos site to you Facebook and Linkedin connections. 

Thank you. I hope I connect with you!