Black and White with Split-Toning - A real priority?

I have focused on capturing the beauty of Lake Champlain for the last five years. My intent is an exhibit, book and making large prints of what I view as eye-holding. The more I shoot the Lake and view the images the more I seem to learn about what I really like. I surprise myself often; I capture an image that I like at the moment, but it doesn't hold my attention long on the wall. On the other hand, I have images that I didn't like as well initially that took me a while of viewing to conclude...this is something that really holds my attention. This is not unlike refining any priority, it takes some experimenting and reflection to know what you really like.

I am not sure about these split-toned black and whites that I recently captured; they haven't had the test of time. But, I am presently attracted to black and white, and in some cases, like the ones that I exhibit here, a little split-toning to warm them up and give me a feel that may just be eye-holding.