Christmas and Love Priorities

So much love is expressed at Christmas - It's wonderful. "What a Wonderful World - I see friends shaking hands, saying, How do you do? They're really saying , I love You". 

First Snow 2009-10 Winter - January 10th, 2010. Hope for 2015-16 Winter?

It's unfortunate Christmas is called a holiday; a day away from the norm - "a legal day off, a vacation". Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day were like Christmas, where love were expressed freely? As I grow older and wiser I become more and more convinced that God is the love within us. The message of Christmas just might be - love as you can.....all the time! - A celebration of the birth of true love.

It maybe silly, and telling for me to say, but,....I love to watch the Hallmark station between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always cry at the end of each movie. I have the theme of all the shows figured out and I watch anyway - there is no mystery (maybe a little magic) - true love always wins out. The theme is: a struggle with a decision that has to be made. It may be a job choice, a living location, a family business struggle. And invariably there is a decision about which man or woman to go with. The movies are always sealed with a kiss, when everyone knows that the "true love", regardless if it had to do with the main characters Self-realizing, Connecting, or Giving, was chosen.

Merry Christmas to you always....and love to you and yours!