My Favorite Photos of 2015

I felt prolific with the camera in 2015. I had a hard time deciding on my favorite images. I started with 350 images I liked, narrowed it down to 60, then finally to the 16 I show on my Best of the year page. I had a hard time picking my favorite image of the year - you get attached. I am not  objective. In the end I decide with my gut; how I feel now and how I think I'll feel about the image years down the road - staying power. My favorite is an image I took at dusk, the last day of October, with a particular colorful sky as a backdrop to gold, pink and black mountain tops, with the foreground being bare birch on the Richmond, Vermont property we acquired to build family homesteads and a photo studio. I suspect the personal attachment to the property played a role in my decision. What do you think?

October's End PhaseOne IQ180 240mm 1/6 sec f9 ISO 35

The image I wrestled the most with for my favorite spot was Spring Moon Light, which is Patty's all time favorite, and adorns a prime spot on our condo wall. I love it too.

Spring Moon Light Canon 1DS Mark III 100mm 1/8 sec f14 ISO 100

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