Smell the Roses - coming soon

I am pleased to announce that Smell the Roses, feel the soil / reach the sky, the third book of my brother Richard’s life revealing poems, (I Confess and Courage at Three Am are the other two) is soon to be released by Friesen Press - the publisher of book one and book two of Richard’s touching trilogy. Go to coming soon on the following link to get a preview.

The book reveals a bit of me as well - twenty four horizon images with accompanying words encouraged by Richard to “think like a memoir.”

A special part of the book is personal tributes to Richard’s life of caring, by people who experienced his love.

The book is about caring. The book is about love and the hope for more love.

Richard - a life well lived.

Smell the Roses cover-.jpg

The book will be available at Amazon, FriesePress, and, for friends and family, from me (at the best price).

Please share, since it won’t be on New York Times Best Seller’s list. Spotlight - like the academy award winning movie titled such, identifying Richard as the primary resource advancing the cause for abused children by a powerful institution gone wrong. Dealing with the truth is healing.