A Sense of Wonder

I spent time in Maine recently - three nights in Rockport at a photo workshop - A Sense of Wonder - and three nights with Patty, the kids and grandkids at Popham beach.

The workshop was great - my first taste of shooting the stars. Popham beach with the family was too short - what a wonderful place. I’m going back some day.

You can view a few of the week’s images at www.mesipe.com under new images to consider for printing.

Pollen Palate PhaseOne IQ 180 1/50 sec f11 ISO 35

I was not enamored with Pollen Palate at first. After a lot of play with it, I fell in love with it. Sometimes the more I play with an image the more I get attached. I’ve heard you can’t judge your own work because you’re too close! Time together gets you thinking - once mediocre, becomes great. Well, what the hell, as long as it turns me on.