Enjoying What Is

The other night I couldn’t find the remote for the TV. Not uncommon - I usually find it within 30 minutes or so - sometimes in places I would never expect. This time was different - I would never find the darn channel changer. The TV was locked on tennis…. maybe for ever more. I went to bed frustrated, angry. I said to myself - let it go, let it go. Tomorrow is another day.

Some how, some way, the morning after was bright - the remote retrieval was no big deal. I went to Xfinity and they gave me a new one…. free, and with a smile. Later in the day we found the old remote, on the field road. Patty found it, saying, what is this? I suspect it fell out of her sweater. I am learning, slowly, to go with the flow.

I am frustrated, not able to work the land when I want to - not just Patty - weather too. Let it go. Let it go. Go with the flow - enjoy what is. I talk to myself as I make incremental progress with living my mantra.

‘Enjoying what is’ says the same as my mantra - love in the moment. Interestingly, saying ‘enjoy what is’ helps me better get it. In other words, being with love, in the moment, means doing my love priorities in the ever changing context of uncontrollable life events.

Anyway, I see the importance of ordering my priorities while enjoying what is, in the here and now.

Richmond Summer Sunrise Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III 1/10 sec f18 ISO 100

ALERT FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Now is the time to visit us at Purple Lark Farm, Walnut Woods, Bilder Photo Studio, or whatever else you want to call us at our Richmond Vermont homestead. We’ve made room for visitors and wish for them. Uncontrollable life events, Alzheimer’s, are more likely than not to result in the loss of total earthly connection to at least one of us, before you know it!