Bigger is Better. Exploration

Burlington Community Arts has eight of my approximate 22" by 40" horizon images exhibiting at the UVM hospital.  I framed the images without glass, using a protective spray as a preservation replacement. I did this for a couple reasons - the larger glass framed images are too heavy, and I am anticipating moving to, as big as, 40" by 80", where traditional framing is clearly prohibited. I am having a good response with the no-glass approach - within a week I had two orders and a number of positive comments from the hospital exhibit.

I am reluctant to move to canvas, but I think my exploration to Bigger is Better and capturing "my image of a lifetime", prescribe the risk of exploring new approaches.

I am also drawn to 'photo painting'. I like to photo paint to the point of not knowing if the image is a photo or a painting. I however am finding myself liking an application of painting beyond that subtle 'not knowing' point. Which do you like best?

Flaming Sycamore PhaseOne IQ 180 80mm 1/15sec f/10 stitched

Flaming Sycamore heavy painting applied

This is a rare site of a tree, in this area. I found it in Shelburne at 5am as the new day sun was touching the tips of this majestic beast. I was met at the fence by an inviting master walking her dog. She was aware of the attraction and invited me to park in her driveway. I must bring her a proof, and see if she approves. Which one should I bring?