A Taste of Teraormina, Sicily

All the senses are aroused in Teraormina. What a treat to visit and photograph, for ten days, especially with the McGinty's!

Maui Maui at Nick's Fish Market (Chicago, San Diego and Hawaii) has been my favorite meal for thirty years - Now it is Grouper at Gioli's in Teraomina (3 visits in 10 days).

The fish market in Catania, down the road a short distance from Taormina, is a cultural and visual bonanza to stroll and photograph. I could have photographed there all ten days.

But, there was more to see, hear, smell, taste and touch (and photograph) - collectively reaching a good place in my soul. 

We have been to Italy to visit the McGinty's five times, and the most delightful part of our visits is always the three hours around the table sharing good food, wine and conversation. Patty would make the trip just for the conversation. I can't lie, I also delight in the food, wine and visual beauty.....and the potential to capture a great image that reaches my soul, as I re-visit the feeling of the capture, while viewing the image on my wall. I continue the hunt for "the image of a life-time"! If you are interested in seeing beautiful Teraomina, check out www.mesipe.com, menu, new prints and Teraomina, Sicily.

Thank you John and Elizabeth. Our visits with you are very special. Love to you and yours. May you continue to scg, I know I have while with you.