Do you have an Opportunity Fund?

We hear, from everyone, about having an Emergency Fund of 3 to 6 months of living expenses - great, it makes sense, but do you hear about the prudence of having an Opportunity Fund - a fund of 5% to 10% of your investments, available for opportunities you'd  love to take advantage of - It may be a trip of a life time that comes up all of a sudden, or a private investment with relatives that impassions you, or a public company that you are convinced will be the next Apple! 

I have seen great opportunities often, only to pass them up because funds weren't available, -  they were in long-term investments that I didn't want to sell now because the markets were off, or would upset my investment strategy. 

When you have an opportunity fund, you will be open to opportunities, and they will present themselves to you - your reticular activator will kick in, and you will love the fact that you took the risk to do something (with a relatively small amount of your investable dollars) that turned you on ..... and who knows ... could turn out great.

Take a ride and love it.