Even the Smallest Stone makes a Ripple

It's Hallmark station time-of-the-year again! I love it. The last one I watched was about a lovely young nurse in a small town in 1945 who thought she lost her husband in the war and had no reason to live, as she was reading to a young sick boy, caring for others and returning a lost dog in a snow storm. Of course there was a comet that night that somehow took her 71 years forward - a Wonderful Life type thing - sort of.  Before she left for 2016, a wise, older nurse said to the young nurse in a funk, "even the smallest stone makes a ripple". The rest of the story was about how she made a big difference in peoples lives with the smallest of acts with her obvious love of others.

Ripple Reed Reflection PhaseOne IQ 180 240mm 1/8 sec f16 ISO 35                                   

Everything always turns out well (and good) in a Hallmark movie (her husband actually didn't die). Often the Hallmark messages are powerful, as they relate to SCG - Love of self and love of others - Something one may find solace in, after such damning antics with the elections.

Love is the an.....an...swer!