The Best of date

Summer 2015 has been a little washed out for image taking, for me. A vermonter environmentalist declared Vermont a rain forest this year. However, winter and spring were not washed out for me,  I was lacking winter and spring images for my Lake Champlain project and my desire to find winter and spring images paid off; it is funny how that works when the priority is high enough. Five of the seven favorites, year to date are spring images. Ironically, my favorite image so far this year is a spring image, but was captured at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Cannon Beach Canon EOS IDS Mark III 84mm 4sec f20 ISO 100 2 stitched images

I love the Oregon coast. I have seen beautiful images of the rock formations dotting the open sand beaches of Oregon, and I wanted to capture one. My daughter Bridget suggested we tour the coast rather than stay in Seattle when we visited her in March. I lucked out to find a full moon setting fifteen minutes before sunrise on March 6th (Actually Winter I guess). I would have loved to have had my more powerful PhaseOne 80 mega-pixel camera with me, but stitching two 21 mega-pixel 4 sec images miraculously worked out. I guess the gulls were sleeping.

Five of my seven favorites to date this year are black and white. Public feedback I receive do not favor black and white, but they really appeal to me. Often I process images in both color and black and white and decide by gut feel which appeals to me the most. Maybe it is just a learning phase I am going through. 

When I am not selecting black and white these days, color usually has a strong impact. I love the color in White Pine Camp and Spring Moon Light.

White Pine Camp Canon EOS IDS Mark III 300mm 1/30 sec f11 ISO 100 5 stitched images

Spring Moon Light Canon EOS IDS Mark III 100mm 1/8 sec f14 ISO 100

We'll see if the favorites to date will make the list for the year. Although summer has not been too productive for my tastes, year to date, I am way a head of previous years in capturing images that   I like.