Revisited in New Light

It was my 65th birthday diner with Patty at Basin Harbor on Lake Champlain in 2011.

Patty shore diner Basin Harbor 8/8/2011

The beauty was too much for me to leave my camera in the cabin. I even made a spectacle of myself and brought my tripod. I normally don't divert my attention so much from my diner partner, but it was my birthday after all, and for me, the main course was going to be the fading evening light on the water and Adirondack Mountains.

Basin Harbor shore diner view ISO 200 1/200 F5.6 105 mm Canon 1DS Mark III

Backyard from Basin Harbor ISO 200 1/250 F5.6 400mm Canon 1DS Mark III 4 stitched images

I overlooked the real beauty of that special birthday celebration. I have over 10,000 images in my Lightroom Library on Lake Champlain. During my process of deleting some that I have not forwarded to my photo gallery at or my favorites at, I came across these forgotten images. Maybe with improved skills with Lightroom since 2011, I have learned  how to make images more liking to my tastes. I turned down the light on these two images, tweeked them a bit more, here and there, and now I love them. They moved from trash to treasure, by me looking at them in a new light, four years later - How special of a birthday diner was that!