Priorities Are Always PRESENT

Harbor Haze ISO 200 1/200 F11Hasselblad Stellar

Tell me what you ARE doing and I will tell you your APPARENT priorities!

First Snow ISO 200 1/400 F5 Canon IOS 1DS Mark III with 35mm lens

The present is all we have; the past is gone and the future is yet to come. 

What is MOST important to you NOW? For me, right now, I am being pushed in one direction and pulled in another, trying to figure out how I juggle my priorities. There is only so much time,. You can only be in one place at a time, and I want to do my PRESENT by design rather than by accident.

I am being pushed to move back to Minnesota and Pulled to stay in Vermont. It is complicated and personal - the big priorities decisions often are: there are future health issues, family connections, the love of a place and, maybe the most important - the unexplainable DESIRE to just  do it. Passions are like that sometimes!

A possible solution for me - We used to have a condo in St. Paul and our present condo in Vermont. My original intent was to maintain both places until about age 80 and than sell one and live out the rest of our lives in the other. It sounded good to me originally and it sounds good to me NOW. We sold the condo in St. Paul to simplify; so we did not have to maintain two places and move back and forth. After all, they are both winter locations. Now we know - it can not always be simple. 

The ability to keep the condo in Vermont for an extended period of time, after we get a Senior's apartment with continuum care possibilities in Minnesota, is questionable for various reasons. I however am going to do everything I can to keep my heaven on earth place, in the Champlain Valley, as long as possible. One thing is clear love for Patty is my top priority.