The saturday before last, Patty and I meandered south to the quaint river village of Middlebury, to attend a late afternoon opening reception for four well known Vermont photographers, at Edgewater Gallery. Edgewater Gallery is a well regarded New England gallery with great light, high ceilings, beautiful display areas, and generally houses expensive oil and water-color pieces by respected New England artists. I know they periodically display photographers work and I wanted to see these photographers new images, talk to them and "see" if I felt I have what it takes to  exhibit there, with some of my large prints of Lake Champlain and other regional, images. If I may so, I can see it. I really believe it...and  I am happy about that, because that belief will help drive me to get there - This is a little of the "Ali affirmation" I spoke of in the Acadia Adventure blog, October 17th. 

Silk 2 PhaseOne IQ 180 240mm 1/6th sec f20 ISO 100

As Patty and I were walking over the bridge, around the corner from the gallery reception,  about 3:30pm, a half hour before the start of the reception, I looked down at the falls below and said: I love it - I have to come back here and shoot the falls with this late afternoon light - At the right exposure the water is going to look like silk. I returned, to capture the image above, and it wasn't what I was visualizing. I know I need to expect the unexpected, while capturing moments in nature (the people like forms in the shadows above are an example), but I wasn't satisfied with the results compared to what I was visualizing, so I went back another day and captured the image below, which is more like what I was visualizing.

Silk Phaseone IQ 180 480mm 1/5 sec f22 ISO 35

I have the pixels to print Silk 36" x 50". I will do some large proofs to see if the image is what I visualized or if I shoot again. At this point, I love the silk like strands of water....but that's just me - the first hurdle to a gallery wall.