Room with a View

It’s been over two years since we moved from Burlington proper to Williston, now Richmond. You would think I would change my address on my Blog on a more timely matter. It’s not that I have a hard time giving up the past, after all we’ve moved twenty times during the last fifty one years. It’s just that I gave up easy on trying to change the address on the Blog. I rationalized, what the hell, what difference does it make anyway.

Now that I expect to live out my life at 60 Wolf Lane, Richmond, VT 05477, I gave it another try and believe I succeeded - we’ll see when this post is made with Mail Chimp.

Connecting with you is important to me. I have had a few people call for our new address - I suspect - hope - to send us a Christmas wish - update. I love cards, I make some from images I love, often.

This Christmas I am not sending cards. I connect here-with and am working hard to timely publish, SMELL THE ROSES; feel the soil/ reach the sky, a book my deceased brother Richard invited me in on, about a year or so ago. He is not here to see it’s completion - I wish he were - the tributes to him are beautiful. The book of poems, images and reflections are an interesting delivery of self reflection. I’ll let you know when it is available on Amazon and FriesenPress - probably January.

Illustration by Michael Morgenstern. Book cover. Release early 2019

Connecting with you, with my blog, book, images is in my small way saying I love you, like the song translates the touch of a hand sake. Connecting is life blood and I’ll risk the vulnerability for the joy and fulfillment - little ways that are big to me.

Bed room view 60 Wolf Lane, Richmond, VT 05477

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!