Horizon Revisited

I'm thinking clearer today....In my blog of July 25th I defined the Horizon as the area where the sky appears to caress the earth - not so my small minded photographer. The sky caresses the earth, and some times pounds the earth.... note Harvey! 

While thinking deeper about the horizon, I feel a desire to go beyond the skyline - the sky, air and all that comes with it, like water, is vital to our being. Water and Air can also be powerful and dangerous forces. We can't live without either, and how little control we have over nature, doing it's thing.

Respect, Protect, and Connect - we are all in this together. We have God-given strength to deal, and how sweet it is to see people, non-dualistically, come together and help each other.

The earth is a spec in the sky, non-recognizable a relatively short distance into the Cosmos. This blows my mind and reminds me of the lyrics of the song I Believe - "every time I touch a leave or see the sky, I know why, I believe"elvis presley i believe the gospel masters

Lakeside Hasselblad Stellar 10.4mm 1/2000 sec f2 ISO 80

Lakeside Hasselblad Stellar 10.4mm 1/2000 sec f2 ISO 80