It's Golden

50 years seemed so long and seems so short. Patty and I met on a blind date, 12/31/1963, arranged by my brother John and Patty's sister Florrie (who married in 1965). We were in high school. We married less then four years later, August 25th, 1967, between my junior and senior years at SJU - The three plus years until marriage seemed so long - couldn't wait until college graduation, like most reasonable people (of the time).

We were kids ...... and grew up together, probably over, about, the next twenty years.....for that matter, probably, hopefully, still growing.  It's been a real adventure and I can't imagine having a better advocate. I wish I were half the advocate, to her, she has been to me. I love you Patty.

At the top - 250 Main, Rockland Maine

It's funny now, and makes a lot of sense - Patty wouldn't look me in the eyes and say she loved me, for about the first ten years or so of marriage. She eventually did and explained her philosophy, or reality.....she said "first comes like, then lust, then love, and then in-love". Now, I hear, at bed-time, (sometimes two or three times, within five minutes or so)  " I love you. Good night. God Bless. I'll see you in the morning, God willing......and if not, I'll be pissed". Those are sweet words....and I am lucky to hear them over and over again!