Prep Passion

In preparation for my key-note, career day address to 250 or so current St John's Prep students, just off the shores of Lake Sagatagan, in the midst of the wonderful 2500 acre arboretum established by Bro Paul Schwietz, I found myself pondering the positive impact the Prep School had on me while attending SJP from 1960 to 1964. Young, naive and vulnerable was I.....and, how fortunate was I to have been so positively impacted by faculty, peers and, maybe unknown at the time, the beautiful natural setting of St. John's. 

During my visit to Minnesota, my sister Bernadette gave me a rock with the word DREAM on it. She said bury this in the land in Richmond, Vermont, where you are building your multi-generational home and photo studio. She said "you dream and then you do your dreams" I said thanks and yah, I guess I do. The prep experience helped me know passion and do dreams.

It wasn't until 2008, about the time I sold my Life-Wealth planning practice, marking the end of doing my passion of financial planning for clients, was I able to 'put it together' and start articulating the importance of focusing on process and the Love Priorities, in doing passions. It is obvious that we would all like to do what we love to do. The hard question is HOW.

SCG - The Love Priorities

SCG - The Love Priorities

I felt so passionate about what I call the LOVE PRIORITIES and the PROCESS to do them that I wrote a 350 page book as a reference guide. Further, I made the book ADVOCATE PLANNING; To Do What You Love To Do, a free download on this site I feel everyone should benefit from what came to me after much practice with myself and clients and much reflection on the big question: HOW do we do what we love to do?

I now long to mentor someone who will carry the torch  of professing the Love Priorities. Maybe a Prep? My treat - "It is in the giving that I receive"..........However, I do sell my favorite photos!