Pre-Book Article Published

Light and Landscape Magazine published 8 water images of mine with 1000 words by Trevien Stanger, environmental writer, as a preview to our up-coming coffee table book - OUR BASIN OF RELATIONS; Celebrating a culture of clean water in the Lake Champlain basin. Check it out at

Lake Champlain Watershed

Lake Champlain Watershed

Water is wonderful - I love it - It is now my subject of choice - for photographing and protecting - so precious a resource. Click image above and check out Lake Champlain Project / Book fifty, to see what images I am considering for the book. Give me your comments. I will be limiting my images to about fifty - I will need to exclude some images. Please help me edit by telling me what you like and what you don't like.. 

Trevien's curating of 10 to 15 articles and water stories will be of great value for understanding why we so love and need water. Let me know if you have an interest in having a copy of the book and/or wish to donate to our clean water efforts. 

Presumptuous - Yes - But let me say... Thanks for being Blue Mindful.