SCARS - a matter of perspective

I don't create images, they pass in front of me, as gifts from nature. Many photographers create (originate) images and are very good at it. Not me, and that's my intent - I put myself in a place of possibility and watch for something that "delights" me, sometimes capturing an image, not even knowing why the image delights me. I may capture a passing instant in nature, not to be seen again, or the image may be something that only changes, from natural elements, over a very long period of time; maybe even hundreds or thousands of years.

My image SCARS is an example of the later. I almost discarded the image, as a possible print, until I let myself linger on the image. I now love the image SCARS - I can't image I originally delighted in what I delight in now, as I take the time to let my imagination run and see things I only subconsciously could have seen at the time of capture. 

I walked passed this old wall in Teraomina, Sicily, returning to our Home Away, with groceries in hand and my touring companions at my side, and only my compact camera in my pocket. I had to stop and capture what I saw and felt. I took a few images with my Stellar Compact and stitched together the image you see. I never did go back to capture the wall with more pixel power. Maybe it was meant to be this way - the hand-held compact camera produced more than I could have imaged possible.

SCARS Hasselblad Stellar Compact 1/2000's sec f3.5 ISO 400

I like the overall abstract look of the image, but what gets my imagination running with varying thoughts and emotions, are the faces, figures, objects and familar forms that I see in the image. Maybe that is why I like to use the word image, for a photograph - to get to my weird world of  imagination and dwell in the delight. In this image I call SCARS, I see life-experiencing scars, healing, community, beauty, love, and even a comforting angel with my face in her wing......but that's just me now! What do you see?