Shirley was the most significant-other to my father, Walter. She was life-blood for dad, personally and professionally, at Sipe & Gray Oil Co. for about fifty years. She was much more than the secretary/bookkeeper; she was my dad’s keel, under the stormy surface, in stiller waters, keeping the ship afloat, with loving care and concern.


And, Shirley was more significant to me than I realized when  I was younger and less wise. She was the guiding hand during my first job at 16, while I helped get accounts receivable statements out on the exact right day, and learned the importance of balancing the books down to the penny. Shirley’s pleasant demeanor and loving care lead me to a career in accounting and financial planning, where I had the honor of returning a guiding hand to her and dad at S&G.


I won’t forget Shirley’s warmth, care and love…..and the fishing on Lake Marie, her quiet presences at milestone events when I was growing up, and the screaming love that was manifested with her gorgeous cakes.


May you have eternal happiness and love Shirley. I love you.


Mike Sipe, protired

Burlington, Vermont….influenced early by you, Shirley